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Secret Garden Gift Set

RM 115.00

Featuring Customized Hidden Message Scented Candle, Personalized Wooden Box, decorated with soap flower and LED.

What’s in the box?
- Customized Hidden Message Scented Candle
- Personalized Engraved Bamboo Lid
- Personalized Wooden Box
- Wooden Matches in Glass
- Soap Flowers
- LED Light
- Wish Card (8cm x 12cm)

Customized Hidden Message Candle
Filled with tiny acrylic beads, once the heart [❤️] has melted, a secret message will reveal itself. Surprise your loved one, a friend, or even for yourself. A little self love won't hurt anybody.

Our Scents:

  • Royal Rose (Strength 4/5)
    A powerful rose smell with hint of feminine, soft and subtly sweet smell.
  • Innocent Vanilla (Strength 3/5)
    Made up from pure vanilla, it gives you a subtle hint of aromatic, sweet, floral notes.
  • Sweet Marshmallow (Strength 4/5)
    A sweet, candy smell of Marshmallow

Acrylic Beads available for Hidden Message:

  • Alphabets: A to Z
  • Symbol: 🤍 or 😄
  • Number

Burn time: 35 hours ++

Room size: Small-Medium room

*Customized Message Candles will take 2-5 days to be shipped out. Kindly no urgent order as these candles are all hand-poured*