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Lethea X Aesthekis Mug Edition

RM 98.80

Light up the mood of your loved ones by surprising them with this beautiful Tumblr Edition Gift Set.

Featuring Customized Hidden Message Scented Candle, Personalized Mug, decorated in a box with shredded paper

It’s the perfect gift since it’s all customized based on your preference!
What’s in the box?
- Customized Hidden Message Candle (Heart-Shaped Candle)
- Personalized Mug
- Matches
- Wish Card
- Box with Shredded Paper

Our Scents:

  • Royal Rose (Strength 4/5)
    A powerful rose smell with hint of feminine, soft and subtly sweet smell.
  • Innocent Vanilla (Strength 3/5)
    Made up from pure vanilla, it gives you a subtle hint of aromatic, sweet, floral notes.
  • Sweet Marshmallow (Strength 4/5)
    A sweet, candy smell of Marshmallow

Acrylic Beads available for Hidden Message:

  • Alphabets: A to Z
  • Symbol: 🤍 or 😄
  • Number

*Customized Message Candles will take 3-5 working days to be shipped out. Kindly no urgent order as these candles are all hand-poured*